Online Casino Players from US Play via Canada

Since the passing of the UIGEA, or Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, in October of 2006 by the US Congress and President George W. Bush, many American online casino fans have been finding ways to circumvent the authorities in order to play their favorite online casinos games. Those who have been determined enough have found a way to do this - by playing via their northern neighboring country, Canada. Through a loophole that employs Canadian-based servers online casino fans are continuing their favorite pastime without a glitch.

This ban only affects American citizens and not Canadians. Many online poker rooms now do not allow members from the States, however if you appear to be Canadian then you are free to register and play, - said Ryan, a member of a leading online casino based in Canada. So US online casino players are trading their red, white and blue stars and stripes for the red and white of the Canadian flag in order to continue visiting online casinos without being caught.

The program masks American based Internet provider addresses with Canadian ones so to the online casino poker site the online casino user appears to be playing from a Canadian address. Under the US ban gamblers are not allowed to use credit cards and online gambling houses are forbidden from accepting checks, credit cards, or electronic fund transfers to handle wager transactions. However many online casino players get past this by using third party payment processors. Online casino poker fans from the States are already comparing this era of prohibition to that of the 1920s.